• it saddens me, but at 16 years old, shi's pain in her hips has worsened to a point, where nothing we try seems to be working. now some nights she is waking and howling in pain. I go to help her stand, or orient her, as her sight and hearing has also gotten worse. I need to know does my wellness plan cover any type end plan? if not what are my steps? do I call and make an appointment for her last trip to the vet... thanks.

    I am sorry to hear this Daniel. I recommend that you call and talk to your local Banfield Hospital about this issue. There may be some other treatments that could help with her pain and disorientation but this will depend on her medical history. If there are any other treatment options they can discuss those with you. If it is time to consider euthanasia your local vet can talk to you about this process. There can be some variations depending on the individual hospital and doctor. They can walk you through the entire process including how to make the appointment and the cost of the visit.

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