• What are recommendations for leash breaking dogs?
  • How can I treat my puppy for fleas? What should I do around the house to kill them?
  • How much should I feed my dog at feeding time? How much should he be eating?
  • My dog Tyson threw up twice yesterday and then proceeded to eat it. Is this normal?
  • We recently adopted a four-year-old pug and have had him for about two weeks. Over the past two days, he has started licking the air and licking and biting at his paws. Can you tell me why he would be doing this?
  • My one-year-old kitten eats clothes and charging cords. She appears to be healthy, has a shiny coat and eyes, a strong appetite, is very active, and has lots of toys - but she just has this one horrible habit. I don't want her to get shocked or eat something that can damage her internally, as is the case with Pica. Please help!
  • I recently adopted a dog from the shelter with an unknown vaccination history. I have an appointment to get her vaccinated for rabies on Thursday. I've read online that if a dog has an unknown vaccination history it can take six months for rabies to manifest. How do shelters know if the dogs they're adopting out to the public aren't infected? Should I be worried?
  • My cat doesn't get along with other cats, but I want to get another one. Is there something I can do to help them get along?
  • My dog gets really nervous when he rides in the car, and often throws up. What can I do to keep this from happening?
  • The color of my new puppy's bowel movement looks tan instead of brown like my other dog. Is that a problem?
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