• Is it safe to diffuse essential oils in my home; specifically in a room in which my dog is residing? I know there is a list of oils that you should not let your pets ingest or come in contact with their skin but I haven't been able to find a clear answer in regards to diffusing those oils. Thanks so much!!

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this question. The safety of essential oils will depend on a few different things including the type of diffuser being used, the oil that is being used, the size of the room, how close your pet is to the diffuser, and your pet’s overall health. Some oils can be toxic if ingested or inhaled and some can be toxic with skin exposure. Many oils are toxic in the concentrated form and should be kept away from pets. The biggest concern with diffusing is if the diffused oils are inhaled by your pet. This can lead to lung issues as well as toxicity. If the diffuser is an active diffuser this can sometimes spread droplets into the environment which can cause dermal exposure or ingestion. Again, the risk will depend on your individual pet and the environment. Your local vet knows your pet’s medical history and they can give you the best advice on this. The Pet Poison Helpline has a good section on essential oils as well. https://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/pet-safety-tips/essential-oils-dogs/

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