• Is it OK to give my dog supplements?

    If you are feeding a high quality food, your dog’s food has all the nutrients that he or she needs.

    In most cases a supplement is not needed. However, some dogs may benefit from certain dietary supplements. For example, an essential fatty acid supplement that contains omega 3 or omega 6 may help with medical issues like chronic skin disease or allergies. Glucosamine and/or chondroitin is sometimes given to pets who have arthritis.

    It’s important to remember that before you start your pet on any supplement you should talk to your veterinarian. Some supplements may not be needed and some can even cause harm in certain situations. Your veterinarian knows your pet and his medical history and can talk to you about the supplement and let you know if it is safe to use in your pet. You can use our hospital locator to find the Banfield hospital closest to you.

    I also recommend visiting our nutrition center. It’s a great resource for practical feeding tips, ingredient and nutrient information and guidelines on choosing the right food for your dog or cat.

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