• Is chicken a healthier protein than beef for my pet?

    In the vast majority of pets, the protein source in your pet’s food will have no impact on health. This means that chicken, beef or any other protein source is equally safe for your pet. The only concern about protein source can be with pets that have a food allergy.

    Some pets can be allergic to certain protein sources and may require a specialized diet that does not contain any ingredients that they are allergic to. If you think that your pet may have food allergies you should speak to your veterinarian. You can use our online tool to request an appointment at your local Banfield hospital. They can help you find the food that will be best for your pet. These diets can vary between pets depending on what they are allergic to, as well as what diets that they have been exposed to in the past.

    The following articles will give you some additional information about protein sources and food allergies. I also recommend visiting our pet nutrition center to learn more about other nutrition topics.

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