• I would love some TIPs on to handle this problem: This morning I dropped my dog Moody off for a checkup and received 3 calls a few hours later. Call #1 He did great and is ready to go. Call #2 He fractured his tooth on the cage he was being held in, which was confirmed by bits of tooth and blood found in the cage. Doc was apologetic and said they would take responsibility since he was in their care. This seemed like the proper thing to do in my mind. It made me feel like wow I chose the right vet. You should probably promote this doc. Call #3 Call from same doc who had just talked to manager, and that my dog's tooth fracture was now just tough luck, and Banfield will not be paying for or helping with any part of it. Also you are no longer allowed to drop Moody off for care since he is unsuitable for boarding. This did not seem like the right thing to do, and I was looking forward to having a discussion about it when I picked Moody up. You should probably fire this manager before they corrupt another employee. I went to pick up my dog, and name of the game was get these people out of here ASAP. After paying (full price) someone from the back office quickly passed the clerk a referral to a veterinarian hospital for the tooth problem. Next, the clerk retrieved my dog, and handed me all of his belongings in a paper bag. I took some time to look at Moody's mouth on my own, and I put on his collar in the waiting room thinking that maybe an employee would come out to discuss the tooth situation with me. No one ever did. After a few minutes I realized in their haste to get me out the door I had not been handed any of the medications I had purchased. I approached the counter to get the meds and give Banfield another chance to address the elephant in the room. I was quickly handed the meds and told to have a nice day. I was feeling pretty disgusted at this point so I just decided to leave. The internet claims the cure for a fractured tooth could cost me up to $2,500; it would be nice to discuss this procedure with my vet! How do you care for a fractured dog tooth? I have no idea. Why didn't my vet help me? How do I cancel my wellness plan that just renewed? Because depending on your response to this situation I am not sure that Banfield will be my veterinarian anymore. Thanks for chosing shareholder profits over American Values.

    Hi Sara,
    We're sorry to hear of your experience at the hospital and have sent your message over to our Client Advocacy Team for follow up with you. Regarding Moody's fractured tooth, the care will depend on the type of tooth that was damaged as well as the severity of the fracture. Treatments can include extracting the tooth, doing a root canal, or even a crown replacement. Your local Banfield doctor or the veterinary dentist that you were referred to will be best able to give you the options for your pet.

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