• I was looking for advice about how to handle destructive behavior when my dog is left alone. We have made numerous steps to try and handle her, but she always seems to cause trouble when we leave for work. She takes everything off the counters, even chewed a knife block while scattering the knives across the room. She knocks over chairs, chews anything she can touch., Including an air conditioner, window blinds,and trash can. Currently she is restricted to a single space in the house , goes outside for bathroom time and some playtime twice prior to we leave, has two toyboxes full of toys and bones, and a companion dog who never misbehaves. I hired a dog walker who comes mid day. All the counters have been cleared as much as possible and child locks were added to cabinets. The trash is moved to a separate room as well. We built a box to barricade the air conditioner from her. We try to watch her in a camera we installed simply due to her behavior. She is 100lbs and growing, so containing her is extremely difficult. Everything I can reach, she can reach as well. I am just looking for some help to get her past this. She is a new adopt.thank you

    Hi Stephanie,
    I recommend that you take her into see a veterinarian. The behavior that you are describing can be a sign of separation anxiety and usually in a case like you are describing it will take medication and a behavior modification plan to treat. The treatment that will be best for her will depend on her breed, age, weight, and overall health in addition to the underlying trigger of the behavior. Your vet can work with you on a behavior modification plan that is specific to your pet.

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