• I was just trying to get a second opinion. I have a puppy that is seen at Banfield. She is 11 1/2 weeks. Since we got her she continually pees in small spurts and seems very itchy ears/neck area and somewhat low energy. She eats and drinks fine. No vomiting no diarrhea. Had throat Swab done at banfield, results came back. She had moderate growth of Escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and few colonies of staphylococcus pseudintermedius. Her vet said she doesn’t need to be treated. Her tongue also has a light white coating(I have pic). Her regular Banfield vet said she’s fine, doesn’t need to be treated but I’m not so sure. Looking for a second opinion.

    Hi Angelica,
    I am unable to give specific advise on a case since I don’t have access to her medical record and have not examined her. If you are still concerned about her I recommend that you talk to your local vet. They will be better able to address your concerns since they know your pet. If after talking to your regular vet you still feel like she needs something else you can schedule an appointment with another doctor in the hospital and get their opinion as well.

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