• Our dog Saydee seems to have all the symptom of over-active yeast infection: a sour smell to her fur, an oily coat, red skin, hair loss, and itching. We took her to the vet and they gave her a steroid shot to treat allergies, but it didn't help. We've changed her food from cheap kibble with corn as the main ingredient to another brand which lists corn as the third ingredient. It seems to be helping. How can we get the smell and oily coat under control? We bathe her every couple days but that is only a quick fix. Any suggestions?
  • My 19-year-old cat has pus coming out of her left ear and a very bad odor with it. The odor has been present for a few months now. Today, I could see it has affected her balance and that eye has started to droop or close. Is there anything I can do for her? Also, her voice has really changed to a low guttural meow.
  • My cat has recently started peeing indoors, on the couch and any clothes left on the floor. I got rid of the old couch and got a new one, and she has stopped marking on the couch. She still occasionally pees on the floor in the bathroom, and she loves to jump up on the shelves and pee on the towels. What could be the problem? This is a recent thing, it seems to happen once and then not again for a week or two.
  • My six-week-old Siberian Husky has an extra toe on his back right foot. Are there are any type of health concerns with this? I don't want him to hurt it while digging or catch it on the carpet. Should I leave it alone? How much would it cost to get it removed? Thanks!
  • Lately my dog Fiona has not been herself. I adopted a new one-year-old Chihuahua, and now Fiona will walk away whenever we try to play with our new Chihuahua. Is Fiona jealous of the new puppy? How can I get the Chihuahua and Fiona to know that they will need to wait their turns when we play with the other dog?
  • My cat has a discolored discharge coming from a sore in his nose. I don't think it is contagious as our other cats seem quite healthy. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  • I think my little dog was stung by a Yellow Jacket. What can I do? I have given her tiny amounts of Benadryl Fast Melts. She still seems lethargic and is shivering.
  • Can pink eye be transferred from dogs to humans, or from dogs to one another? My 8-year-old dog has recently had a pink eye with mucous and eye gunk, and now my 1-year-old dog has the same thing. They don't seem to be itching it too much, but they do seem more tired then usual. Could this be pink eye? Thanks!
  • I recently purchased a Chinese Water Dragon from a woman who was moving. His living conditions were poor and he had not been properly taken care of: the previous owner had no UVB light, night light, or humidifier. Now my Water Dragon will not eat at all. I have a humidifier and a heat lamp that keeps the terrarium warm, I change the water daily, have cleaned his cage twice and replaced all dirt and bark. He seems very lethargic in his cage and will not pay any mind to food when it is introduced. Should we bring him in for a check-up or is there something we can do from home?
  • My one-week-old puppy is eating, but he is not pooping. What can I do?
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