• I'll be going camping in a few days and I'll be bringing my German Shepherd with me in Texas. It gets very hot here and I'm sure it will be around upper 90s while I'm out with her. I will ensure access to fresh water at all times and I've reserved a spot that will have plenty of shade. I will also be bringing a spray bottle to cool her (and myself) off. I was considering getting "Dog boots" to protect her feet from the tough conditions and hot pavement as well, thoughts on that? Also, I was wondering what other good "fun in the sun" tips you may have for me so that I can ensure she does not suffer from any issues while being out in the heat. She has medium length fur, if that helps.
  • What can I do to stop my cat from peeing and pooping on my sofas? Please help me
  • My dog is an 8 year old, 19 lb, mini Australian shepherd. I noticed that she has some abnormalities in her pre-anesthesia bloodwork done before her dental cleaning and extractions (above normal MPV and Globulin, and below normal Potassium). With those abnormalities, should she go ahead under anesthesia for the dental cleaning or should additional testing be done first to rule out any underlying issues that could cause those abnormalities before going under anesthesia?
  • My dachshund has been experiencing diarrhea for 48+ hours every 6 hours. I’ve been feeding him strictly chicken and rice the past day and feeding him water but I’m unsure as to what is causing this. The only thing I can think of is a new bone I gave him Friday but the diarrhea and sometimes vomiting is still an issue
  • Is Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar as effective or better than FirstShield Trio vs. Frontline Plus vs. Advantix II? Also, I read that large breed dogs may benefit from delaying spaying because of potential bone growth issues? Is this true?
  • Mia was suppose to have received a referral for a cardiologist to do a ultrasound to figure out her heart murmur, i didn't receive any information. could someone call me? thank you
  • Finley is having trouble jumping. This just started today. He is normally very peppy. Running seems to be okay, but he has lost strength in his arms and cannot up up to the sofa. Other exacerbated issues: itchy skin, scratching more than usual and causing bleeding in spots; his bark is a croak. We switched to a Seresto Collar instead of the liquid a month or so ago. I've removed the collar in case that is the problem
  • Dr. Ames, Does Bryan require another round of pain meds? We have finished what we had. Bryan is receiving .5 ml Pred. 2x in am about 1hr. apart in food and .5 ml Pred. 2x in pm about 1hr. apart in food. Is this okay?
  • I spayed my pet, I really regretted, is there anyway that She can get puppies anyways? Not straight from her of course but something? Talk to me.
  • My dog has diarrhea and has thrown up a few times
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