• I'm concerned about my 14 year old cat. He has had diarrhea for several months. Recently, he has had several "accidents" on carpeted places, one in the bathroom (right in front of me), and another in the tub (right in front of me) despite having 2 clean litter boxes at his disposal. Came away from recent trip to Banfield with diagnosis of enlarged kidney and is on renal health diet. He has endured considerable loss (other pets and people in the home deceased or no longer here - it's just the two of us now) in his lifetime, so I'm not sure if these accidents are a side-effect of depression. My financial situation has gone from having a "professional" job with a good salary to being disabled with limited income, but i've managed to keep him on a wellness plan. I cannot afford the myriad of tests that will no doubt be suggested. I just want to do the right thing for my buddy.
  • I’m moving to Colorado in 2 weeks and I learned that I need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection to move my two dogs to the state. Can Banfield provide me with this certificate and how much does it cost?
  • Hello! I recently gave my 9 week old puppy an edible chew of trifexis. I'm not sure he ate 100% of the pill. Maybe only 90% or so? Will this still be effective, or does he need to eat 100% of the pill? Thank you!
  • Willoughby has had some diarrhea two nights in a row... once was in his crate, this is the only time he has ever used the bathroom in the crate. I know it wasn’t voluntary... we were just at the vet a couple days ago for some shots. Does he need to be seen again?
  • Hello I have a wellness plan for my four month old puppy.my question is when it’s time to renew my plan next year can I add pet insurance through Petsmart if not can you recommend a good pet insurance .
  • Hi my dog hurt his nail today 3 hours ago running fast during a luring course. It seems like he ripped the black part of the nail off and has some straggly white colored nail left. It is wrapped up but still bleeding a little through the gauze. He has an appointment for tomorrow 11am but wondering if I should take him somewhere as an emergency tonight because it still bleeds through. Thank you so much.
  • Jack has recently been peeing just outside the litter box. We have cleaned it up and put new litter in but he still refuses to use the litter box, instead opting to pee on the litter box or the wall next to it. We have never had any issues with him peeing anywhere but the litter box until now. What could possibly be going on? Some background information: We have another cat who has never had any litter problems before. Jack is on a specialized hydolyzed protein diet. Although he has an open water bowl he is limited to eating twice a day in order for him to avoid eating our other cat's food. Jack was just throwing up 3 days ago (not hairballs).
  • What kind of laxative can I give my dog to treat his constipation? He weighs about 10lbs. Thanks in Advance!
  • We have a piebald veiled chameleon, he has been kind of walking funny sometimes and when he is still his hands will shake or sway
  • We brought Elle in Friday morning for uncontrollable diarrhea issues. Dr. Tongen prescribed medications which we have been taking. So far, no improvement. Do we need to give this more time or should we be taking additional measures such as changing diet, etc? Thanks, Jim Harold
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