• Hello, My dog Lady is a patient at Banfield. She has re-occurent ear infections that have cleared up with a prescription of Mometamax and Epikalm ear cleanser. I was wondering if I would be able to get these prescriptions filled without having to set up an appointment. She has an infection starting but I don't think I will be able to get her in for an appointment before we leave for our vacation on Friday and I would like to treat her ears ASAP. Thank you in advance!
  • My cat has an appointment with a 7:15 drop off for dental. She came home today after being outside all day and ate around 9:30. She isn't supposed to eat after 9 but I forgot and couldn't get her in sooner. Should I reschedule?
  • my puppy's tail is down after she started shaking this afternoon. she was fine this morning until she woke up from her nap and started shaking. I let her out for couple of minutes, but when we went inside, she started shaking again. she jumped on me and whimpered. I don't know whats going on. now she stopped shaking but her tail is down. the shaking occurred right after when she woke up and when my little brother was playing with her.
  • We applied K9 Advantix II to our pet, Ella Bella. We have two young children and wanted to know when they can have direct or indirect contact with her after receiving the topical medication.
  • I am looking to see if my dogs test results are back yet. We were in on 5/23 and we have not heard back yet.
  • I have been told that Baron has a heart murmer and that this must be taken care of before he can be anesthesized for dental care or surgery. What is involved in treating a heart murmer in an 11 year old miniature Schnauzer? Thank you!
  • My 10 pound girlie is having diarrhea can I give her Pepcid and Imodium?
  • My dog ate wisteria flowers this afternoon. Doing OK so far. Should I be concerned?
  • I just noticed that my dog , Jaspers, upper lip is red. I have never noticed it look like this before. Is this an allergic reaction? should I be concerned?
  • Chloe has seemed to have issues urinating the last 2 days Sometimes she pees a lot and at other times she may dribble or not at all. She has even been walking or sitting still and all of a sudden begin urinating. Need to know what I need to do.
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