• We have had extreme difficulty trying to trim our 2-year-old Redbone Coonhound's nails. While he cooperated the first time we tried, using treats, we have been trying unsuccessfully for several months to trim his nails again. He is terrified and will not come near the clippers. We attempted to bring him to a groomer and even bought dog nail grinder while using treats, and both ended horribly. We are increasingly frustrated and out of ideas - is this something that some dogs may need medication for, to calm them down? We are concerned that his nails will continue to grow and this will become increasingly more urgent. Thank you.
  • Starting yesterday he didn't want to eat his regular food. But instead he did want to eat ground chicken and dollops of pumpkin solid pack no additives. He took his medication this morning Guaifenesin /Benazepril 5mg. He had a BM laying down of course, as my concern was he was breathing so heavy but wants to sleep. He sets up every so often and wants to drink cold water. Enjoys it when I rub his face with a cold cloth. Yes few treats Saturday evening called H-E-B Barkin bites made with real bacon it says on the label. The ingredients state that it has wheat and corn gluten. His breathing slows down once he drifts off to sleep. My main concern and question is should I just monitor him and watch him set up every so often and want to drink water. He is 13 years old. When he sits up he's alert, but then he just wants to lay back down and go to sleep. I've been standing here monitoring him for the last few hours. What do you advise I should be doing besides this action. Thank you Brent
  • Hello, On saturday I had my dog neutered. Today, monday, I had to leave him home for out four hours, and I left him in a crate during this time. However he quite literally broke out of his crate and was running around, and had broke the cone of shame that I got when he was originally fixed. There was a small amount of blood on the cone (which was still attached parially, just not fully, and a small amount on the floor next to the crate. There was very little actually on him, and ofc I especially looked around his testicles. There is a small area where it looks a little rough, but its not very swollen. He was not actively bleeding when I got home (around 6 pm) and hasnt bled at all since then (writing at almost midnight). He doesn't appear to be in any distress or pain even when I was trying to look at the area and went potty just fine, like normal, and is eating normally. Do I need to do anything? I can also send pictures of what the site looks like.
  • I was wondering how early I can get my cat's vaccines for this year - his FVRCP is due on 8/18 and rabies is due on 9/1. I have a coupon for a free office visit that expires on 7/31, so I'm wondering if I bring him in by 7/31 if that's too early to get those shots? Thanks.
  • Our male has been diagnosed with IBS and A-Typical Addison's Disease. After cortisol testing last month, docs decided no further medications unless issues became worse, etc. Two days in a row this week he woke up between 2-5am and threw up (no changes in food or routine these days) and this has become an every 3-4 week occurrence over the past 2.5 months or so. Should we just come to expect this with the two diagnosis from above or should we now return for even more additional testing? (his previous diagnosis was based on weight loss, being lackadaisical, excessive eating of feces and urinating way more than our other female while both get the same amount of water each day. Both are on a raw diet also)
  • How long must I wait to take my dog to a local dog park after they receive their rabies vaccination?
  • We have a 4 yr old cat who has fleas. We bought Frontline Plus for cats and gave her a dose on Thursday the 16th. I sprayed Adam's carpet flea spray on all of the carpets and living room furnature, washed all the bedding and rugs, and then we gave her a bath with flea shampoo on Saturday the 18th. But she still has fleas, I can see the flea droppings, she is still itching, and I have bites on my ankles. Is there something else we can try? I know it is too early for a second dose of the topical and I don't want to make her sick.
  • What is a better option for preventative for arthritic patients? Dausaquin or rejuvenate?
  • I just received results from cytology that my dog has a mast cell tumor with "very low mitotic facotrs" and they reccomend removal. Is this deadly? Does she need chemotherapy?
  • I think my dog got poison ivy yesterday what can i do? He. Huave red spots on his tummy
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