• I noticed a lump on my dog, Barron's, side. (He's an 11.5 year old German Shepherd ). It doesn't seem to bother him when I touch it or lightly press on it, but it is large enough that it has me worried. What could this be? Should I bring him in to have it examined?

    Hello and thanks for your question. The short answer is yes – Barron and his lump should get checked out.

    Dogs do tend to get lots of lumps and bumps and the good news is, the majority of them are benign and never cause problems. But, there is always a chance that this could be something bad that we will want to remove as soon as possible and as our dogs get older, that risk does become bigger.

    I do recommend bringing him in to a veterinary office to have that lump – and his overall health – evaluated.

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