• I just adopted my dog from the humane society. She was spayed the day I picked her up. How long will it take for her stitches to heal and for her hair to grow back? Also, she has not eaten or drank any water since she got to our house? Is this normal after being spayed? Lastly, my dog attempts to bite you if you try to pet her. How do we get her out of this habit?

    While having surgery and then going into a new home is stressful, the dog should be eating. The biting could be due to pain or she may just be frightened.

    I would recommend you contact the place you got her from and speak with someone about your concerns. If they are unable to help you, then I would recommend you find a veterinarian who can see her right away.

    While complications following surgery are fairly rare they can occur so you want to figure out why the dog is not eating. In terms of the biting, the humane society where you got her or a veterinarian needs to determine the reason/cause for the biting so it gets addressed appropriately. Good luck and please have her seen right away.

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