• I have been told that Baron has a heart murmer and that this must be taken care of before he can be anesthesized for dental care or surgery. What is involved in treating a heart murmer in an 11 year old miniature Schnauzer? Thank you!

    Hi Debra,
    Poor Baron, how is he feeling? I’m so glad you guys are going the safe route with him. Dentals are important, but anesthetic safety is paramount! The type of treatment for heart murmurs depends on what kind of murmur it is and in older dogs that have never had a murmur before, it can be a range of things but it’s often a valvular disease and the heart may be enlarged. A veterinary cardiologist can run tests, such as ultrasound and electrocardiograms, to tell you what kind of murmur it is, how bad it is, and whether it needs to be treated at all, with what medications, if any, and at which dosages.

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