• I think that my dog may have an ear infection. He has been tilting his head and scratching consistently. Does my dog have an ear infection? Is there any over-the-counter medication I can give him until he's able to see a vet this Thursday?
  • We recently adopted a seven-month-old kitten, and our three-year-old, neutered male cat has been showing him a lot of aggression. We allow them to see each other at a distance, and the older male will begin to growl and hiss while the younger male retreats. As soon as we attempt to pull the older male back or out of the area, he lashes out with claws and teeth at us. How can we help them get along?
  • My husband is an over-the-road truck driver. He took our five-year-old cat Emmy with him during the winter months. Now that it is heating up I am concerned about her getting too hot. There aren't many ways to cool them down if they get too hot right? Put their paws in cold water?
  • My six-month-old Labradoodle likes ice water. How safe is to give him water with ice and pieces to chew in a daily basics? Please advise!
  • My kitten is nearly 6 months old and is getting his adult canines on top, but has not lost his baby canines. So he has 4 fangs on top. Is this cause for concern?
  • A week ago my two-year-old cat started growling and meowing in her sleep during the night. I figure its nightmares but since it never happened before, it has me curious. She has also started sneezing a lot around the same time the growling/meowing started. We don't have our heater on at all. Can all this be related? Can cats get cold too?
  • How often should cats get a bath? My cat is indoors 24/7. Thanks!
  • My normally lively and active puppy is suddenly acting scared and meek and really tired. She doesn't want to play and she usually plays for hours. We recently changed her food. What could be the problem?
  • How can I decrease the amount of pet dander on my dog? He does not scratch excessively.
  • My kitten just be spayed. How can I keep incision site clean and dry? Do I need use bandage or some cat gel or cat wound spray? Do I need disinfect the wound?
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