• I have a six-month-old puppy and I found what looks to be a tooth. She is still energetic and I don't see any bleeding or eating changes. Is it normal for her to lose her teeth?
  • How do I know if my dog and cat are at ideal weights?
  • We're thinking about rescuing a kitten. We don't know the feline leukemia status of the mother or kitten. If it has feline leukemia will it be transferable to our older, already vaccinated cat?
  • My dog is shedding a lot of hair, is that normal? How long will she be shedding? Can I do something to slow her shedding?
  • Hi, Can you recommend supplements/vitamins for a small dog that is fed only chicken breast and roast beef for every meal?
  • When should I start kibble for my seven-week-old puppy?
  • My dog has a fatty tumor on her leg. Is it necessary to have it removed?
  • We adopted a second chihuahua who has recently become aggressive, barking at anything and even biting me. He is calm and quite with my husband, and when my husband leaves he sits by the door and cries, but does not care if I leave. We both feed, walk, play and love them both. What could be going on?
  • What are the chances that a dog's pregnancy lasts seventy-seven days? My dog is not at a consistent temperature, fluctuating in the 100s of degrees for the past two weeks.
  • My dog's nose has been drying out, cracking, and turning from black to brown, like small scabs. This has been going on for a few months but he does not seem to have any other symptoms or behavioral changes. What is causing this and should I take him to the vet?
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