• I have a healthy indoor kitten about 8 months old. He eats only cat food, no table scraps or the like, but he is also aware there are other things to eat as he tries to snatch my food if I am not looking. Right now, he is eating only dry food. He also enjoys treats. I'd like to feed him a little wet food. Several friends advise against this. Are there compelling health reasons to either feed or not feed my kitten a combination of wet and dry food? Thanks and I hope this isn't too dumb of a question. This is my first kitty and I want him to be healthy and happy.

    There are no compelling health reasons to not feed him a little wet food along with his dry food. The biggest issue that can come from this is that he may become overweight if he eats too much of either type of food. If you feed him wet food you need to decrease the amount of dry food that you are feeding him.

    Some cats can become picky about the food that they eat as they get older. This can cause him to stop wanting to eat the dry food. If he stops eating the dry food, it can become expensive to feed him wet food only. With him eating the dry food well, there is no need to add the wet food. 

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