• Hot spot on bottom of rear foot. She gets them frequently which I treat at home but never on bottom of foot
  • Hello Banfield, how are you? We are currently deployed overseas with Babu and have been giving him his shots as due through a credited doctor. May I send you the records that we have done so you would have an updated record on your side? We appreciate the reminders you guys have sent us for when Babu is due for his shots which is why we are able to keep him up to date over here! Thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you soon, Ravi Bedi
  • My puppy has three rounds of parvo/distemper, one round of leptospirosis, and one round of bordatella. Will it be safe to take him to the dog park, or should we wait until he gets his rabies and last round of other vaccinations? Thank you
  • My dog nay have a chipped tooth. It does not seem to cause him pain or give him an issues with eating. I just noticed it for the first time last week. He does not usually chew on thing very much. Does the tooth breed to come out or is it OK to leave it in and wait to see if it becomes a problem.
  • My cat appears to have something on her neck that feels like a hard BB. I can't exactly say when it came up but can say it's been there at least a week. When I touch her in that area she seems sensitive and not to like it. When I spread her fur in the area I'm not seeing anything apparent (discolored or crusty). Do you feel she needs to be seen and how immediately?
  • My dogs eyes are red. Just noticed after getting her groomed. Lifted her eye and above eyeball where it should be white, it’s bright red on both eyes. Her activity is normal, high energy and doesn’t seem to be in pain. Should I see a vet?
  • I adopted my dog on 5/14 and took him to the vet yesterday. He is a 8.5 week old "shepherd mix" according to the shelter. I found many fleas, some alive, and tried to remove them as best as I could, but he has so many and I'm scared of them spreading throughout my house and reproducing on his body. Is there something I can give him as far an oral medication to kill the fleas? I found a single oral chew called "Bravecto." Can I give him this? Can he be dipped this young?
  • One of April’s breasts is black and another one, the skin around it is red. Does she need to see her vet for that? Also, she is really afraid of storms and nothing seems to help her. Can she take any kind of medication to help her to relax during a storm? She has a thunder jacket and some spray, but they don’t help at all.
  • My 4 and a half month husky mix puppy is allergic to grass so our vet has told us to give her a benadryl morning and night. Tonight we accidentally gave her 2 as I hadn't realized that my husband had already given her the medicine. He says she's acting a bit strangely now, do we need to take her to emergency or will she be okay? She's about 35 lbs.
  • I want to switch my pitbull from Blue Buffalo since it's high in fat and protein and he needs to loose some weight. What brand(s) of dog food would you recommend?
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