• How often do dogs need vaccinations?
  • Hi, Moose is a 10 yo 110lb yellow Lab, no history of arthritis, I give him Movefree supplement pill every other day, I would like to know if the CBD oil works more efficiently as a daily supplement, and what I should be looking for in selecting a brand.. any recommendations would help thank you
  • Hello, Do you have a recommendation of a local vet that preforms laser treatment? Thanks.
  • what do I do if he is a picky eater?
  • I am curious on ways to help prolong my extremely active 7.5 yr old german shepeherd's active lifestyle since she does not know how to slow herself down.
  • I just found out that my grass was treated with a pesticide. My 12 week old puppy only using the bathroom in my backyard because he hasn't received all his vaccines yet. Will he be ok?
  • what parasites can my dog give me
  • My dog had a bordatella shot on Monday and she vomited Yesterday then today she’s having pee accidents in the house and she’s acting very sleepy. Should I be concerned
  • How do I help storm anxiety in my dog? Benadryl tablets don’t work (she is about 45#)
  • Can you email me proof of rabies and neuter for my dog Charlie Brown so I can register him?
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