• I have a 5 mo old kitten named Princess. I brought her in last week on 9/8/2018 for an Illness and Wellness check up. Princess was diagnosed for LUTD and is on Clavamox drops. She is energetic, has a good appetite, but still experiences diarrhea. I make sure Princess eats right away after giving her antibiotic and stores med in refrigerator. Unfortunately, we have loss power for over 24 hrs. Is it still safe to give antibiotic since it's at room temperature? Princess has 1 more week to complete treatment. Should I continue with her medicine inspite of diarrhea and unable to refrigerate meditation? I tried to call 6300 Creedmoor Rd location and they're closed. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks. Acel Richards 919-809-4252 japhil18@yahoo.com Princess Client ID# RLC01PZ

    Hi Acel,
    I am calling you now.

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