• I have a 13-yr old male Maltese, who has been recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He’s taking 2 medications since December 2018. He also has a cardiologist. He’s been having this cough that was first a respiratory infection. He was given antibiotics and it went away. Then it came back few weeks later BUT it’s a dry cough no secretions...he seems to cough not as often but when he barks a lot or sometimes just out of nowhere, after he naps for example. He also took a cough suppressant prescribed by his vet for 2-weeks. It helped but he still coughs...is there anything else we can do at home? I’ve reading online about giving small amount of honey, to soothe his throat...is that ok?

    Hi Carolina,

    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about the cough. There may be other medications that can be used to help. With him having a history of heart failure and the medications that he is on it is important to only use medications that are recommended by your vet. Your vet knows his overall medical history and they will be your best resource for this question.

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