• I have 3 cats - 1 kitten & 2 older cats. I noticed 1 flea on the kitten on Saturday and gave all 3 a Frontline treatment on Sunday. It is now Friday and I'm seeing more fleas on all my cats, not less. What can I do right now for them? I don't want to overload their systems with the chemicals/medicine, but want to do something to help them. What can I do?

    Hi Monica,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your veterinarian about this. There can be a couple of different reasons for still seeing fleas on a pet after medication was applied including medication resistance, the medicine did not get absorbed, or that you are seeing fleas from the environment that are in the process of dying.  Your vet knows your pets and the local environment so they can get some more information from you and talk to you about the most likely cause in your cats. They can then recommend the treatment that will be best for this.

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