• I have 2 unaltered female guinea pigs that have a small bumps at the base of their toe right before the nail. Each only has one on one toe. They are on recylced, shredded cardboard bedding. I'm thinking they may have a sort of infection due to my lack of nail care, though they're not horrible, just slightly long and the fact they like to use the bathroom where they sleep. It's a bump big enough to notice but I don't think is causing them discomfort. No limping and walking on it fine. It's not on the pad or bottom, but, between/top of toe. I only just recently noticed this. Should I take them in or can I do anything to home?

    Hi Summer,

    I recommend that you take them into see a local veterinarian. The spots that you are describing can be from infection but there can be other causes as well. Your vet will be able to talk to you more about the cause of the spots and the treatment they need after they have examined your pets.

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