• I have 2 lab mixes that are both 8 months old. We have never had any behavorial issues with our dogs up til recently. They have been getting aggressive towards each other and attacking each other. I read that their microchip can cause them to act like this and this behavior has not started until after we got them microchipped. Is there something that i can get to help them or should i just get the chips removed?

    Hi Julie,
    There may be many explanations for the behavior changes you are describing including changes in their environment, their socialization, illness, exercise routines, and many more. I am not aware of any studies that have related microchips to behavior changes or aggression. I would recommend setting up a consultation with your veterinarian to discuss the behaviors your are witnessing and help determine the cause. There may be many treatment options. The veterinarian may also recommend a Veterinary Behavior Specialist. The microchips can also be removed if that is your desire but please discuss this with your veterinarian as there may be other options.

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