• I recently adopted a three-month-old pug puppy. What shots will he need when I pick him up? Can I have him neutered once I pick him up? Should I get the surgery for brachycephalic syndrome when I get him neutered? Also, I will be moving from Delaware to North Carolina, will my dog's records transfer automatically when I move from DE to NC?

    Congratulations on the new pup!!! At three months old, he will still be a bit young for neutering. We can neuter them much earlier but typically wait until they are closer to 5 months before the surgery to ensure they are large enough and have enough fat stores to make anesthesia safer. Puppies typically get vaccines every 3-4 weeks until they are about 18 months old. What this puppy will need is also dependent upon what he receives while living with the breeder.

    In terms of the surgery for brachecephalic syndrome, all brachecephalic breeds are prone to this condition, but not all individuals within the breed need the surgery. Waiting until he turns 5 months will also give your veterinarian the opportunity to better evaluate his growth and the likelihood that he will need the surgery – it depends on how his nose and throat are growing and developing.

    Surgery for both the neuter and brachecephalic syndrome commonly are done on the same day. Your pet is typically dropped off in the morning, and awake enough to go home and finish recovering before the end of the day. In terms of your medical records, as long as you are a Banfield client, your medical records can be accessed at any of our locations.

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