• Last year, my two-year-old dog had Parvo and recovered, but earlier this year my young puppy died of possible Parvo. Is there a way I can get rid of the virus in my yard and home to prevent other animals from contracting it?

    Parvo virus remains active in the environment for a long time. This can be for a year or more.

    The best way to disinfect the areas inside your home is to use a diluted bleach solution. This kills parvo on hard surfaces. There is no easy way to disinfect carpet or your yard against this virus. It is resistant to many disinfectants and bleach can cause damage to your yard and carpet.

    I recommend that you only allow adult dogs that have been vaccinated against parvo in your yard for the next year. Your veterinarian is familiar with your pets and their environment and will be your best resource to answer any questions that are specific to your pets.

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