• I don't know if it matters but my dog is actually 8 months old...not a year. My dog is constantly licking his butt and I was wondering if it could be because of his anal gland or if it's something else. He doesn't scoot his but on the ground at all but he licks his anus (pardon the lack of vocabulary) roughly every 10-20 minutes. I just want to know if this is a matter of needing to see the vet or if I should be doing something else to help him. If it helps, Theo is a Chihuahua-Pitbull mix (aka a Chipit)

    Hi Katherine, 
    I recommend that you take Theo into see a veterinarian. Licking like you are describing can be caused by a few different things including anal gland issues, intestinal parasites, inflammation of the skin around the anus, or even certain underlying medical issues. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of his discomfort and the treatment he needs after they have examined him.

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