• I am trying to understand how many calories to feed my cats. One needs to lose weight (body 4) and the other is good (body 3). I have seen a lot of formulas on the internet about how much but its kind of confusing. I used the following formula to calculate but not sure if it's right; (30* ideal weight in kg)+70 so for my 10lb cat (body 3) I came out with 206 kcals per day. For the 13lb (body 4's ideal) I came out with 247 kcals per day, and the formula I saw was feed 80% of that to lose weight. So the amounts I am suppose to feed is; 10lb cat - 206 kcal 15lb cat (should be 13) - 197kcal Did I do this correct?

    Hi Rachel,

    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about the number of calories that your cats should be eating. While the formula you used can give an estimation of the number needed (you did use the formula correctly) this is only an estimate for the resting energy requirement. The true number that your cats need will depend on a few other factors including activity level, overall health, age, and size. Your vet knows your cats and they can give you the best advice on the true caloric needs for your cats.

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