• I adopted an australian cattle dog puppy last week he is about 8 weeks old, we go outside often and he pees as soon as we go out. He also is pretty good about letting me know he needs to go out. In the last few days he has peed on my bed or my lap over 10 times! We do spend the majority of our time inside in our room (roomates) He just lays down and starts peeing. No whining or trying to get off the bed. When he peed in my lap my husband had just gotten onto him for biting his chin. Not sure exactly whats going on. Hes so good at going outside but constantly pees in my bed!

    Hi Chelci,
    The way you are describing it, it is hard to tell if your puppy is aware that he is urinating when he does. This is concerning as puppies at this age should be aware and able to control themselves. It might also be a fear related issue though as you describe it happening after biting your husband’s chin. Having him checked by your veterinarian is the safest next step to make sure there aren’t any medical issues making this worse.

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