• I'm traveling at the end of the month and really would like to bring Charlie with me, but I'm nervous about how she would deal with an airplane. She's small enough to come in a carrier in the cabin, so she'd be at my feet, but I still feel like it would be scary for her. I'm working on getting her used to the carrier with treats and praise, but it's a work in progress, and I haven't tried to pick it up with her in it yet. She loves people, but sometimes they excite her too much, and she'll whine and occasionally bark if they aren't petting her--which would be a problem on an airplane. Would you recommend sedation to take the edge off her nerves and ensure she just sleeps through the flight? Would you talk me out of it entirely? She'd definitely enjoy the destination, and I'd rather have her with me than sitting in a kennel while I'm gone.

    Hi Caroline,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about this question. There are some sedatives that can be used for airline travel but the one that will be best and safest will depend on a few different factions. These include her breed, age, weight, the duration of the flight, and her overall health. Your vet can talk to you about your concerns in detail since they know your pet. If she does need something to help with the excitement, your vet can prescribe the medication that will be best. It is also important to know the rules that your airline has for pet travel. They may require a health certificate and a statement from a vet about the pet’s ability to travel by air. Your vet can work with you to make sure that any requirements are met prior to travel.

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