• I'm concerned about my 14 year old cat. He has had diarrhea for several months. Recently, he has had several "accidents" on carpeted places, one in the bathroom (right in front of me), and another in the tub (right in front of me) despite having 2 clean litter boxes at his disposal. Came away from recent trip to Banfield with diagnosis of enlarged kidney and is on renal health diet. He has endured considerable loss (other pets and people in the home deceased or no longer here - it's just the two of us now) in his lifetime, so I'm not sure if these accidents are a side-effect of depression. My financial situation has gone from having a "professional" job with a good salary to being disabled with limited income, but i've managed to keep him on a wellness plan. I cannot afford the myriad of tests that will no doubt be suggested. I just want to do the right thing for my buddy.

    Hi Alicia,
    I recommend that you take him into see your Banfield veterinarian. Diarrhea that lasts that long is concerning. There can be a few different causes for this including intestinal parasites, inflammation of the GI tract, or even an underlying medical issue. Your vet can talk to you more about the potential causes after they have examined him. At this point, your vet can give you a potential treatment plan with the costs of all the tests and treatment. They may be able to work with your budget and recommend the diagnostics and treatment that will be the best choices that are within your budget.

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