• I'll be going camping in a few days and I'll be bringing my German Shepherd with me in Texas. It gets very hot here and I'm sure it will be around upper 90s while I'm out with her. I will ensure access to fresh water at all times and I've reserved a spot that will have plenty of shade. I will also be bringing a spray bottle to cool her (and myself) off. I was considering getting "Dog boots" to protect her feet from the tough conditions and hot pavement as well, thoughts on that? Also, I was wondering what other good "fun in the sun" tips you may have for me so that I can ensure she does not suffer from any issues while being out in the heat. She has medium length fur, if that helps.

    Hi Jae,
    Dog boots can be very helpful in protecting her feet from hot pavement and rough rocky ground. Asphalt and even dark colored rocks can hold heat for a period of time after they are out of the sun so it is important to feel the area where she will be playing. If you can’t keep your hand on it for over 30 seconds it is too hot for her as well. Other things to consider are to avoid the heat of the day when playing or exercising. There can be other concerns in certain pets depending on their anatomy or their overall health. Your local vet can let you know if there is any concerns specific to your pet.

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