• How much water should my puppy have in a day? What is the longest amount of time that I should leave him in a crate? I work away from home so he is in a crate for at least ten hours a day due to my commute to/from work.

    The short answer to your first question is: as much as he needs. As long as he has access to fresh water all day, he'll drink as much as he needs to. A good trick for making sure he has enough water, but won't spill it everywhere, is to fill the water containers that attach to his crate and then freeze them. The ice will thaw out during the day and he'll have a continuous supply of fresh water - make sure he still has a small bowl of non-frozen water in the morning, so that he has enough water before the ice melts.

    As far as being in a crate for ten hours a day, there are two options. The first option is to get him a crate that's as big as possible, big enough that he can turn around in it easily and there's enough room to put a puppy training pad in the corner so he can go to the toilet. The other option is to dedicate a part of the house to him, either using a pet barrier, or a small room if he's likely to escape from a pet barrier.

    Whichever option you choose, make sure he has soft bedding, an area to go to the toilet (although some dogs won't go to the toilet while they're inside), some food or treats (not too much) and some toys. If possible, look into pet sitting/daycare services, or see whether you could arrange for the neighbours, their children or a friend to come and take him for a walk during the day.

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