• How much should I feed my dog at feeding time? How much should he be eating?

    There are many different factors like breed, size, body type, life stage, activity level and environmental conditions that should be considered when filling your dog’s food bowl. In addition to discussing these factors with your veterinarian and reading our feeding tips, you can generally get a good idea of how much to feed your pet by reading the manufacturer’s recommendations on the back of most high-quality dog foods.

    My dog isn’t eating as much as he used to.

    Puppies should be fed more frequently than adult pets. As they get older, pets tend to need to and want to eat less often. It is important that he/she be on a high quality diet such as Royal Canin or Science Diet. Some dogs are only able or willing to eat small amounts at a time. Pets that are too thin, or slow eaters, might do best if you were to leave the food out for them all day (which often times isn't possible when there are other pets in the house.) First and foremost, make sure he/she is not ill, and is ingesting a healthy amount of food each day. Your veterinarian can help you decipher both of these things.

    If your dog’s eating habits have changed, it would be best to have him/her examined by your veterinarian to ensure that he/she is not suffering from any underlying illnesses.   

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