• Are there special diets for dogs with diabetes?
  • Are there any real benefits to pet foods that claim to help joint disease?
  • My four-month-old parakeet is going through his first molt and I just noticed that his feathers look greasy. He is eating normally and has not shown any change in behavior. Should I be concerned?
  • Can I get over the counter decongestant for the cat?
  • What is transient diabetes and what does it mean for a 13 yr old minpin who is in good shape? He went from 13.1 pounds to 8.6 in a couple weeks but is still in great spirits.
  • Why does my dog eat dirt?
  • Please give details on dealing with a dog in heat! Do they have pads for them to wear to curtail the bleeding? What else should we know?
  • Why does my dog whine for no reason?
  • We have two cats and will be bringing home a new puppy soon. What should we do to prepare the cats for the puppy. They are indoor cats. I know we want to get them up to date on shots, groomed, and have their nails capped.
  • We have six Rottweiler puppies. My wife seems to think it is a good idea to give these newborn pups human baby formula. They have already thrown up from this and I am trying to tell her to use puppy formula since the mother cannot give milk. Please advise on the best thing to do.
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