• Hi There! My german shephard/boxer mix has experienced recurrent UTI's over the past couple years. Our vet has confirmed that she has a hooded vulva and may benefit from vulvoplasty. However, we are currently trying to resolve the immediate inflection. After a recent round of antibiotics, a new urinalysis revealed residual WBC and RBC...and within 3 weeks, she was back with a full blown UTI and high bacterial counts. We sent her urine out for culture and a sensitivity assay. It's been 14 days and her results are still pending from the lab. I've checked in with the vets office a few times to inquire, but have been told to sit tight for the results. Does this long wait period indicate difficulty finding effective antibiotics?

    Hi Melissa,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local vet about your concerns. There can be many different reasons for a culture and antibiotic susceptibility to take this long. The main one that I think of would be the type of bacteria present or growing in the sample. Some bacteria may be harder to grow or separate out from other colonies. If further testing is needed it could take longer also. Your vet can best answer your questions and if needed reach out directly to the laboratory to get an estimate on when it will be completed.

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