• Hi there, I was hoping to be able to email my vet a question, but I guess that isn't a feature? My Cairn Terrier has horrible atopic dermatitis that drives everyone crazy, and he will itch himself raw. He was on Atopica for a while, and it worked at first, but it started to be less effective, and even the generic is too expensive to not work that well. Benadryl seems to do nothing for him, and I was wondering about getting an allergy shot for him, or if that is something that you offer/recommend for atopic dermatitis. I've been researching Cytopoint, and was wondering if that is something that you offer, and if so, if you know a rough price estimate for it. Thank you for your help, Mary

    Hi CJ,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about this question. We do offer Cytopoint and this may be a good option for your pet. Your vet knows your pet’s medical history so they can give you the best advice on if this is an option. The cost of the Cytopoint will depend on the dose needed for your pet so your local vet can give you a  more accurate estimate.

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