• Hi there, I first wanted to say thank you for following up on Chewie’s health and calling today to see how he is doing! It is very nice to get a follow up call. He is doing better, thank you! I also wanted to ask, I had asked Dr. Zubricky about separation anxiety and she had suggested Adaptil spray, and I went to get it and all they had was either travel spray or an at-home diffuser - I just was wondering if one is better than the other for in the home when a pet is alone? The spray says it is for “on the go”, but since she suggested the spray and didn’t mention the diffuser I wasn’t sure which was the best to try. Thank you for your time, I appreciate your thoughts!

    Hi Alexandra, I recommend that you call and talk to Dr Zubricky about this question. The one that will work best will depend on your individual pet and the area that he is exposed to while alone. The diffuser works better for larger areas and the spray is usually better for more confined spaces like a kennel. Since Dr Zubricky knows Chewy, she will be able to give you the best advice on which is better for your pet.

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