• Hi. My dog Wally was running through the woods earlier today (and rolling around) and now I noticed some scratches/scrapes on his underbelly and near his legs. The scratches don’t look too bad they aren’t really bleeding and they are small but there are at least 4 of them. He doesn’t seem to be going after them himself but I’m not sure if he needs to go to the vet. For a scratch this size on myself I wouldn’t go the doctor. The only reason I noticed them was because I was cleaning his paws after our walk and on the parts of the belly with less hair I could see the scratches.

    Hi Naomi,
    Dogs are a lot like people and can get scratches/scrapes on exposed skin from playing in the woods.  There could still be concern about the scratches becoming infected especially if your dog is licking at them or depending what caused them. It is never a bad idea to have a veterinarian perform an exam and determine if any further therapy is needed.

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