• Hi, my dog Onyx has been living at home with my mom for the last 5 years. He is housebroken, but lately, he has been using the bathroom all over the house (pooping and peeing). He knows better because afterward, he hides under the bed. He used to only do it when my mom left the house but now he's getting bold and doing it in front of her. She took him to the vet to make sure he was alright, and we got a good report back on his health. So we don't understand why he his acting out like this.

    Hi Amanda,

    I recommend that you take Onyx back into see a veterinarian. Urinating and defecating like you are describing can be primarily a behavior issue but is often caused by an underlying medical issue. It is important to rule out any medical issues prior to treating this behaviorally. If there is a medical issue it needs to be treated along with any behavior modification. If this is primarily a behavior issue or something like separation anxiety then your vet can work with you one a behavior modification plan that is specific to your pet. This will often include medication as well as behavior training.

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