• Hi - I have a 20 week old Australian Shepherd and today at work, a co-worker chastised me for feeding her Iam's Smart Puppy food by saying that it wasn't nutritional enough for her. She suggested I feed her Rachel Ray, Taste of the Wild, or Merrick - but most of those are grain free formulas and I've heard about the FDA warning that grain free can cause heart problems in dogs, especially because of the legumes in them. Could you tell me if Iam's is really that bad or if there's another affordable dry food option that isn't grain free that I could switch her to? Thank you!

    Hi Amber,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this. They know your pet and her medical history so they can give you advice on which food would be best based on her unique circumstances. In general, there are concerns that grain free foods can cause heart conditions. In my opinion most Iams makes high quality dog foods and they are fine to feed to most dogs.

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