• Hi, I had two questions. My first question is regarding dental. He has horrible back teeth but he is unable to get dental cleanings because of his heart (he has a heart block). I have tried brushing, the water additive, gels, and certain treats but have had zero successful. I was curious if you had any other suggestions? I know that the teeth issues can lead to heart issues. My second question is regarding tick and flea prevention. I was interested in getting one of the collars for Brix, but he is only 8.5lbs. When I looked into the collars it had 2 options: < 18lbs and > 18 lbs. He is very sensitive to medication and was curious if the < 18lb one would be too strong for him? Thank you so much! Lauren

    Hi Lauren,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about these questions. The answers to both will depend on his overall health. Since your vet knows Brix and his medical history, they will be your best resource for these questions.

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