• Hello there! I was wondering if I could get a letter of exemption for the CIV shot for Jaz. She very rarely goes to the day care at Friendly Grove and they said if her Vet sent a letter of exemption they would keep it in their file. Is this something you will do for our Jaz? Marilyn Alongi **************************************************** Here is Friendly Groves email to me on the matter: Hi! The CIV will be required in September- up until then, you are good to go though. But like all of our other vaccines, if your vet will provide a letter of exemption; We can also accept that. Thanks Marilyn! Madison ________________________________________

    Hi Marilyn,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local Banfield veterinarian about this question. They know your pet and the risk for disease in your local area. With that information, they can talk to you about the risk of disease for Jaz and if an exemption would be okay for her.

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