• Hello, On saturday I had my dog neutered. Today, monday, I had to leave him home for out four hours, and I left him in a crate during this time. However he quite literally broke out of his crate and was running around, and had broke the cone of shame that I got when he was originally fixed. There was a small amount of blood on the cone (which was still attached parially, just not fully, and a small amount on the floor next to the crate. There was very little actually on him, and ofc I especially looked around his testicles. There is a small area where it looks a little rough, but its not very swollen. He was not actively bleeding when I got home (around 6 pm) and hasnt bled at all since then (writing at almost midnight). He doesn't appear to be in any distress or pain even when I was trying to look at the area and went potty just fine, like normal, and is eating normally. Do I need to do anything? I can also send pictures of what the site looks like.

    Hi Alexia, I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about this issue. If he has opened the incision it is important for him to be examined by a vet to assess the damage and if he needs further treatment. Your vet can get some more information from you including the pictures and let you know if he needs to be seen.

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