• Hello, My wonderful dog has some fleas. I bought a topical treatment but a Natural Plant based spray from Vet's Best Flea and Tick spray for Dogs and Homes. I have used this on his bedding and a little on him to help control the fleas. However I researched a little afterwards and see Peppermint Oil may not be based. I will not use this product further unless it is safe to use. My question to you all, is this a safe product to use on my dog? I don't want to cause discomfort or further issues to my dog. I do have a schedule appoint on 7/28 with my local Banfield, but in the meantime i wanted to ask. Many thanks. David Krimsier

    Hi David, I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this product and if it is safe. The safety of sprays containing peppermint oils will depend on a few different things including the concentration of the oil in the spray, how the spray is used, and the overall health of your pet. Your local vet knows your pet and they can let you know if this is a safe product and the best way to use it. If needed, they can recommend a different flea product that will be safe for your pet.

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