• hello, my 5 month old boxer puppy was seen a few days ago for concerns of pain in his hind quarters. xrays showed a concern with digestion or possible blockage. we have followed his dietary directions by the vet. i have also noticed an increase amount of incontinence. He has had several accidents that i think he has no control over. he also has been reluctant to drink plenty of water. could it be possible he has a UTI? if so will the prescription Metronidiazole which he was prescribed help?

    Hi Joleana,
    I recommend that you take him back into see a veterinarian. Incontinence along with not wanting to drink is concerning. This can be from a UTI but there can be other more serious causes as well. This may be related to his earlier issues but there may be separate causes for both issues. Your vet can talk to you more about the causes of his symptoms after they have examined him. They will likely recommend a urinalysis to help diagnose or rule out certain diseases. The treatment that he needs will be based on the underlying cause of his symptoms. If it is a UTI or other cause, he will likely need something in addition to or instead of the metronidazole.

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