• Hello! I recently adopted a now 11 week old puppy. After taking him to Banfield to get him started on his vaccinations, he was given a fecal test and tested positive for hookworms. He has been treated with a dose of dewormer from the veterinarian and has also been given a dose of Interceptor Plus for heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention. Prior to learning he had hookworms, he had an accident on his pet bed. Do you know what I can do to the pet bed to ensure that any possible hookworm eggs that could've gotten onto the bed are removed? I'm worried about him becoming re-infected. Thank you!

    Hi Lauren, 
    Hookworm eggs usually need soil to become infectious. The best way to prevent contamination to an area is to make sure to clean up the feces as soon as is occurs. This prevents the eggs from getting into the soil. As for areas in the house, picking up the feces and then washing any fabric or cleaning the area will usually remove or kill all of the eggs.

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