• Hello, I have been thinking of giving my min-pin CBD oil. He is 11 years old and his arthritis has become a problem over the past year. He doesn't move as much as he used to and I can see that he sometimes uses his front legs gingerly. What are your thoughts on giving canines CBD oil? I found a brand that I think is good- Cannanine. Please let me know.

    Hi Jena,

    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this question. There has not been a lot of research done on CBD oil in dogs but it is beginning to happen. The safe use of this in your pet will depend on a few different things including his age and health history. There have also been concerns because there is not a lot of oversight on the manufacture of CBD oils so some may not have the correct amount of CBD or may contain ingredients that are not good for him. Your vet knows your pet so they can give you the best advice on if this is something that could help him. If it is they can recommend the best type and the appropriate dose.

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